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Experience:  Over 27 years Repairing Pool & Spa Equipment,Gas Heaters,& Whirlpool Bath Tubs. Certified by many Pool & Spa Manufacturers.
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I recently received a new motor and seals kit Super II pump;

Customer Question

I recently received a new motor and seals kit for Hayward Super II pump; Model C48K2N143B3; serial no. 30414CHCL0300546. In installing the new motor and started to replace the seals.
The seal that goes on the impeller fit fine. I then removed the seal on the housing side. I find it basically impossible to insert the rubber/ceramic seal into the housing. I have tried first putting the rubber insert in than then trying to insert the ceramic ring in but that hasn't worked. Then I tried to put both in together and this also didn't work. The rubber must be compressed to less than 1/2 its current size and this seems impossible. I do note, however, that the new and old seals are the same. So there must be some technique for this replacement. What is it? The new part number that was sent to me is : SPX1600Z2. I need help so that I can reassemble the pump and motor.
Robert Furgason ***@******.*** (###) ###-####
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  garrygoeson replied 10 months ago.

Hi Robert:

My name is Garry. I'll be glad to assist you with your pump.

Expert:  garrygoeson replied 10 months ago.

I looked at a parts breakdown for the Hayward Super ll Pump (SP300 Series), and the part number for the seal that was sent to you does match. Unfortunately, it does not show a close up of the seal.

I'm wondering if there is a possibility that you may be installing the seal backwards? I know on some models the ceramic portion with the rubber on the outside goes onto the impeller, and the other portion goes into the seal plate. Are you able to send pictures of the complete seal assembly, and the Seal Plate showing the opening that the seal goes into? This way I can tell better how it should be inserted. Thank you

Expert:  garrygoeson replied 10 months ago.


Just wondering if you're still in need of help on this? If so, please reply to my questions. Thank you