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I have no power to my aqualink pump relay but I have 240

Customer Question

I have no power to my aqualink pump relay but I have 240 volts to the other relays in the control center.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-1eysp1u4- replied 11 months ago.

Hello Bob, welcome to Just Answer/Pearl, my name is***** and I will try to answer your electrical question today!

First I'd like to know which Jandy aqua link control center number we are dealing with, that or if you are computer savvy a picture of your system and this mysterious metal junction box that can not be opened, if not we will proceed without them.

I have found a schematic online for a Jandy models AP700/1400 , that seems to coincide with your description. These units are wired from the factory at 230/240 VAC and the power in connects to line terminals 1 and 3 of the relay for the pump, that being said the schematic has that line as well as two 115 VAC circuits also being ran for a blower and a transformer to the control center directly form your homes electrical panel. Are you able to tell if there are wires going to your homes electrical panel from this box ?

Secondly, have you double checked your electrical panel to make sure the 230V breaker that feeds the pump is on , and not tripped ?

If this circuit has been tripped, most breakers need to be reset (others you just switch back on), to reset a breaker usually you have to move the breaker switch in the opposite direction of the "on" direction until you feel some mechanical pressure and it stops moving in that reverse direction,THEN you switch it to the "on" position. Some people when they see a breaker is in the tripped position they merely move the switch handle back to the "on" position without resetting it. Square D, cutler hammer,Eaton, GE breakers all require you to reset a breaker in this manner.

Hopefully this helped you , if not please continue the thread and we'll see if I can help you get your pump running

Expert:  JACUSTOMER-1eysp1u4- replied 10 months ago.

It's been a couple days since I have heard from you Bob, any progress on the pump relay? If so please continue the thread, but more importantly if I helped you solve your problem please let me know so I can let you rate me. Have a wonderful holiday!