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tomen99, Handyman
Category: Pool and Spa
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Experience:  Certified pool operator and maintenance supervisor
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I have come across a pool that that has two a300n poolife calcum

Customer Question

I have come across a pool that that has two a300n poolife calcum hypo feeders installed. The water used to operate the influent side of the chlorinator is coming from the unfiltered water ( water being fed to the input of the sand filters, basically the discharge side of the main circulation pumps) and the effluent of the chlorinator (the chlorine solution) is being input back to the negative suction side of the main circulation pumps. This looks wrong as the chlorine solution is going through the pumps and will now be placed on the sand filters, before filtration. All chemicals should be inserted after filtration. I think this will damage the circulation pumps over time passing this solution through the main pumps and the chlorine effectiveness will be used up as is it forced through the dirt and sand media. Customer has has trouble maintaining cl2 levels. I believe the influent water to the chlorinator should come from the sand filter discharge (pool return water pipe). I know why it is like this because the chlorinator system needed a negative pressure to evacuate the chlorine solution feeders. This system lacks a chemical feed booster pump, venturi etc. My question is: I want to install a dual venturi setup without using a booster pump. The circulation pump set up is as follows: there are two 4 inch lines out of the pool house slab floor and one 2 inch line. One 3 inch pump is dedicated to each 4 inch line for the skimmer and main drain. The 2 inch line is for a vacuum system. The discharge of all three pumps combine in a common header and feed the sand filters. I can't figure a place to get water to feed a proposed chemical booster pump system. I want to ask your opinion on an idea I have to inject chlorine into the pool return line. The rate of flow through the 4 inch pool water return line is 233 gpm. I want to install two 4 inch by 2 inch pvc crosses with a venturi on each side. A throttling valve would be installed in 4 inch line between the crosses to slightly back pressure and feed both venturis. Will this work?
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  tomen99 replied 7 months ago.
That should work. Without knowing all the hydrodynamics of it. Have you considered switching to sodium hypochlorite injection?

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