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Category: Pool and Spa
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I am attempting to reset the salt reading on my pool. When

Customer Question

I am attempting to reset the salt reading on my pool. When I get to the diagnostic menu, my left/right arrows don't do anything so I can't get to the instant salt reading to set it as the new average. Are my arrow buttons broken or is there another way to do this? Also, I am getting the error message "Chlorinator off, No flow." I just replaced the filters last night and everything was working fine. Vacuumed pool, all baskets and openings are clear and the filters look fine.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Billy replied 1 year ago.
first you must see if the flow switch is stuck or closed.
It could be bad switch..or bad board...and since you have 2 issues I am betting board.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I can turn a valve in the PVC piping and I get flow to the salt cell. Now the problem is that the control panel reads low salt but when I test my salt it is 3400. Also, a local store tested it at 3600 so I don't need to add salt. It won't run superchlorinate because it thinks it doesn't have high enough salt. I shocked it since the bottom is getting dirty (possibly algae). I tried resetting the salt setting by going to the diagnostic menu and doing an instant reading, but it reads that low as well (around 2000). Do I need to just leave the flow to the filter open for a certain amount of time for it to read the salt or can you tell me how it reads the salt and what to fix so it reads correctly?

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