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I have a hayward ingroung pool heater, aprox. 10 years old.

Customer Question

I have a hayward ingroung pool heater, aprox. 10 years old. It's not been working correctly for the past 4 years or so. I've had several tech's try to service the unit with no success. The heater is a 300btu propane heater. The unit will ignite and run sporadically, sometimes staying lit for periods up to hours, but most times, will fail within minutes of igniting. I receive a IF code on my board, which i presume means Ignition failure. The heater tubes have been changed, propane regulator, as well as the mother board. All at a substancial cost. Still the heater does not work correctly. I'd appreciate any advice you'd have to offer.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.
Welcome to Just Answer, my name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you with your issue.
I don't see any mention of the flame sensor which plays an integral role in flame rectification (sensing). We would have a better idea what the problem might be if you could tell me if the unit shuts down while the burners are firing. Also an actual model number would help if you want model specific input.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Rick, Yes the unit shuts down while firing. The model number is ***** Additionally through the coarse of a day while the pool is running the unit while in IF will try and refire sporadically. Thanks, Vic
Expert:  Rick replied 1 year ago.
The first thing I'd try is cleaning the flame sensor and check the connections between the sensor and the board. This sounds like a flame rectification (sensing) issue. Since the board has been replaced that leaves the flame sensor as the other component in the circuit