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Ted G.
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Pontiac grand prix: when i start my car for the first minute

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when i start my car for the first minute or so when i maintain the same pressure on the gas pedal, my car still starts to die, then immediately revs up as if i just stomped on the pedal, and does it a few times before running relatively normal, also if i give it gas, and let off the pedal, it will delay and then it is as if all that fuel hits at the same time if that makes any sense, what might this be? all spark plugs and wires have been changed
It sounds like your throttle valve is sticking slightly. They get carboned up and will be slow to react to computer commands. It will eventually get bad enough to set a code and turn on the check engine light but can be easily fixed by a thorough cleaning of the throttle plate and body.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

is this cleaning something that has to be done by a mechanic or can i do it myself

Since it is an electronic throttle and you are not experienced with it, I would recommend you pay to have it done. If it is damaged it is very expensive to replace and is fairly fragile.