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Pontiac Sunfire It wont go in reverse, even if you put it

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It won’t go in reverse, even if you put it in neutral you can’t push it in reverse but it will drive forward.
so all the forward gears work fine? it will just rev up and NOT MOVE in reverse?you are 100% sure the transmission is shifting with the cable under the hood watching the shift cable to the transmission it is physically shifting the transmission into reverse?is the fluid clean and full?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I watched the linkage on top of the transmission and the shaft turns with the arm as it should. Also the gear indicator on the dashboard responds correctly as I shift to the different gears.


Yes, all the forward gears work fine. When I put it in reverse and push on the throttle it sounds like the motor is being loaded by the transmission.


I jacked up the front of it and ran it. Both wheels turn forward in all forward gears but when I put it in reverse it not only will not turn the wheels in reverse but locks up the wheels so you can't push it.


As I mentioned initially another interesting thing is that when I put it in neutral I still can't push it in reverse.


The transmission oil was clean but a little low so I added some to bring it up to the top of the hash marks and didn't make any difference in opperation.

ok.since the fluid is full and all the forward gears work show the pump ect..are working fine inside the transmission.if its physically shifting into reverse and acting locked up either the final drive is binding OR something internally has failed.either a reaction shell or the reverse band or reverse pin or servo.either way that transmission has to come out and apart to find the exact part that has failed.NOW with the year of this and the amount of these transmissions in the salvage/junk yards it would cost you allot of money to rebuild the transmission in that car would cost you less if you have a shop install a used/junkyard transmission.most come with a warranty
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