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Category: Pontiac
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car wont start. when you turn the key lights come on, radio

Customer Question

car won't start. when you turn the key lights come on, radio works, you hear the fuel pump and the starter turn on. then you try to start it but doesn't start. it clicks then you see the battery gage and the others just die and when you return the key to the on postion everthing on the gages comes back. just recently change water pump and serpentine belt 3 days ago. after driving 15min turned a corner it started chugging, gages were ok but lost power then it gradually came back. it died in the driveway.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Pontiac
Expert:  car tech replied 6 years ago.
if you cant turn the motor forward you may have a internal problem a couple things to try first remove the belt and see if it turns over if it does one of the pulleys have frozen second take out all spark plugs if it turns over you have a internal problem causing to much compression

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