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Pontiac G6: the code and enter the code to unlock the radio

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I would like to know how to get the code and enter the code to unlock the radio on a Pontiac G6 2005. Please give me all of the information you think i would need to get the (locked) off of the radio so it works correctly. Thank you Kris

If this is the Factory Radio:
There is NO Customer Code.
This is a Class 2 DATA Type Radio
The Dealer has to program it with the use of Scan Tool.
Dealer connects Scan Tool
Downloads Vehicle & Radio Info
Uploads Info to GM
Downloads Info & Unlock Code from GM
Uploads Info & Unlock Code to vehicle.

Takes apprx 15 minutes & Free - 125.00 depending on Dealer

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I was not happy with the answer it was the right answer YES. What I ended up doing is the 6 disc changer was broken so I took the new one I had bought and removed the CD changer out of it and exchanged it with the one in the original since that is all that was broken. It worked great and resolved the locked issue since it was the same factory deck just a different changer. The only reason I was not happy is I never like the spend more money answer I read on the internet that you could hold down some buttons and it would read a three digit # XXXXX am/fm and it would give you another three digit # XXXXX you called and they would give you the factory code. The answer I was anticipating was more of how to take care of it that way. NOT take ti to a dealer and spend money and the fact that you would want me to give you money for that is crazy i do appreciate your help and have done the same for others on Audi products sort of a PAY IT FORWARD. I thank you for your help and will give my advice to others in the future but if i do not help them accomplish anything that saved them money I would not expect them to pay me.
Thank you

What is crazy is you do not want to accept the "right" answer.
I am the messenger, not the manufaturer.
There is NO customer coding of Delco Units for this vehicle thru 2009.
You considered asking me for the answer & blame me for the truth.

Don't know what to tell you, except the truth hurts & it isn't my fault

Don 'Mo Lurch' and other Pontiac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No i do thank you for your time thank you again.
Have a great day.
Thank you

I will leave it at that.....

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