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I want to get a sprayer attached to my shower that also

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I want to get a sprayer attached to my shower that also reaches the toilet and vanity for elderly in my care. The shower sprayer needs to be half way so that i can have the water spray the individual mid body and not wet their hair in the winter. The constant stream of warm water on their body and avoiding their head, makes the shower more comfortable.
I am thinking of a product like this but the wide diameter of the shower head is not practical for use with toileting or for washing hair in the sink. DO you know of any other which is around the same price range?
I like this one because it is half way down the shower wall.

Hi my name is ***** ***** I have been in the plumbing field for 20 years. I will be glad to help you today. I looked at the link you posted. This item is a very common type. You mentioned that you liked that it is half way down the wall but actually the cradle is adjustable and can slide up or down on the bar. You could get the slide bar separate without the hose and wand then get a ADA hand held from Lowes. It has any option of spray that you would want and the controls are designed for the elderly to use with ease. It is also designed to sit in the cradle in most shower chairs and the hose is 6 or 7 feet long. I will find it on their site but it may be a few minutes.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Im a bit tired and not understanding what you mean yet but will share your direction with my better half,, but thank you very much in the meantime... Note, I purchased a bathroom vanity faucet sprayer but i decided it would be too fussy for my folks to switch it on and off. then thought about having it originate from the shower head, but a longer hose such as 100 inches instead of 85, could have more versatility. I am keeping the one i bought and using it in the basement bathroom shower.... I just have to get something that attaches it to the shower since the faucet fitting is not going to be used,. ( i would return it but its $8, so i figure i should look for the part and buy it instead) If you can tell me what part to use for attaching the hose to the shower head, that would be great too...

The one that I shared would connect right to the shower neck where the shower head would connect and you could also extend it with an extension hose, but I doubt it would be very useful for a bidet function. The one you shared the link to should have some sort of adapter that would connect to a shower head but it is hard to tell what type of connection it would have. If I had it in front of me I think I would still have to take the hose to the store and find a connection that would work for the shower head if it did not come with a connector already. As far as the sprayer I suggested, the hose is extra long so that it would fit in the cradle of most ADA shower chairs and is very useful for the elderly since the control and handle are very ergonomic. The wand you shared that would connect to the sink would not be very useful for the elderly if you have a round toilet. There is not much reaching room unless you have an elongated toilet. I would suggest possibly a bidet toilet seat. click here That way there is no risk of anyone turning the sink on and the sprayer going off, the bidet seat would have a remote so there is not any way to have a mishap with the sprayer and no one falls over trying to use a sprayer and the shower allows you to use the hand held for washing with convenient placement of the sprayer on the cradle of a shower chair or bench. I know this was a little bit rambling but maybe this would be a better thing to discuss over the phone?

I see you still have not positively rated my service. Although the only way that I get paid is when my service is positively rated, it also tells me that you have not received the information that you were seeking to find a solution to your issue. Will you let me know what affect the information I provided had on the issue at hand and how else I may be able to help?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I got very busy... Intermittently need to look it over again. My appologies ...

No problem at all. I just want you to know that I will continue to assist until the issue is resolved. Let me know when I can help further.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
hi there... i just got back onto this issue.... THe sprayer is the tiniest one i can find so that i can sneak it into the toilet seat while an elderly person is sitting on the toilet. It is about an inch wide. DO you have a link showing the item you are mentioning because the ones i find have a huge shower head which i would remove. THe distance from the shower to the vanity sink for washing hair..(and i would like to use the shower sprayer and have it reach the sink) is 90 inches. THe sprayer cable i have is i think 75 inches and i found a kit that has one hose that is 85 and it is still too short to maneuver around to rinse someones hair in the sink.... I think i need the shower head to come down at least 40 inches from the top of the tile surround whcih is near the shower head pipe that comes out of the wall.

The shower wand I mentioned before does not have a tiny head. Also, when you put a shower wand on pause to move it between the shower, toilet and sink it will still trickle. It is designed to do this so that it does not get air locked. There are other issues with using the shower for the toilet too. Have you considered a bidet toilet seat, pull out sprayer lavatory faucet then a ADA shower wand for the shower? click here and here

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