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I replaced my filters and turned the water back on but the

Customer Question

I replaced my filters and turned the water back on but the system continues to run through the drain. The whole system was down for about a month.

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Marc replied 1 year ago.
hello and thank you for your question. I will do my best to assist you today.
Expert:  Marc replied 1 year ago.
From your description, I am assuming you are referring to a Reverse Osmosis filter system. If I am incorrect, please correct me so we can go a different route and get you the answer you came for.
Expert:  Marc replied 1 year ago.
I am unsure of the time frame from when you have replaced the filters until now, however, it is typical for the RO system to run to the drain for 24-48 hours after replacement of the membrane and or filters and after being shut down for a period of time. I would recommend shutting it back off, check the pressure in the RO tank, ensure it is at or about 7lbs and then re-pressurize it if needed. turn the water back on, and let it run to the drain for 24-48hrs. Once it is pressurized it will stop draining out the "bad" water and begin producing properly filtered RO water for you. Rest assured, the draining is normal for this type of system. If it continues, and you have not replaced the membrane filter, you may wish to do so, as the membrane has most likely failed. Good luck with your repairs and have a great day!
Expert:  Marc replied 1 year ago.
Please remember to click on the Smiley face to conclude this session if you have no further questions. Thank you and have a great day!