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Charles, Engineering Contractor
Category: Plumbing
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The hot water supply valve to my washing machine is leaking

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The hot water supply valve to my washing machine is leaking from the stem. The valve is original to the house (about 15 years old). Might this be a problem with the packing washer, or does it sound like a deeper problem?


Charles : Hello, and thanks for your question!!
Charles : It sounds like the packing is shot
Charles : How old would guess it to be??
Charles : Hello
Charles : sorryHello sorry, I just noticed you had the age there

As stated in the question, I would guess the valve is about 17 years old.

Charles : the system is a little glitchy tonite, sorry

No worries! :-)

Charles : With the age of the valve, I would just replace it with 1/4 turn valve
Charles : they have no parts to wear out and will last years longer

I was thinking along the same lines. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something easy to work on myself. Replacing the valves sounds like something I should leave to the professionals.

Charles : Because of the age you may be right. These valves can become corroded on the pipes so bad that its very common for them to be quite the chore to replace
Charles : it will require shutting the water to the house off to do the job

Fortunately, I can survive with washing laundry in cold water for a while (well, really tepid here in Phoenix). Thanks for the advice.

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