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I have a steam radiator located on the 2nd fl. of an apartment

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I have a steam radiator located on the 2nd fl. of an apartment building.
The air vent is spitting out 1 cup of water every 1.5 days.
The air vent has been changed twice by 2 different license companies.

I hired a plumber to re-assess the issue. The plumber said, it is due to the water feeder in the boiler, it needs to be replaced, it is pushing the water back to the closest radiator and also the boiler needs to be cleaned.

Now the building plumber is involved, the building plumber saids, it is due to the air vent. It needs to be changed.

I have 2 different license plumbers telling me 2 different things, what is the best course of action I should take?

I am not sure if changing the air vent for the 3rd time will help.
Please advise.

Rick the plumber :

Welcome, I will do my best to help with your issue

Rick the plumber :

If replacing the air vent the first time didn't help then the air vent is not the problem. Unless the water in the sight glass is over the top (boiler is flooded)then the feeder is not the problem. Assuming the boiler isn't flooded this type of problem is typically caused by the steam condensate not draing back to the boiler properly.

Rick the plumber :

If this is a one pipe system this can be caused by a radiator that is not level or pitched back to the valve or it can be caused by a blocked return. If this is a 2 pipe system the steam trap is probably not opening consistently.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX have a recommendation on a radiator plumber or where I can find an experience one? Thanks so much

Your best bet is (click on link provided)

Home Advisor

They will refer you to pre-screened contractors in your area. There is no charge to you for the referral. Be sure to specify that you need a plumber familiar with steam systems
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I already tried Home advisor. Is there another recommendation?

I'm sorry but we aren't allowed to make specific referrals. You could call a local plumbing supply house and ask if they can recommend someone.
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