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Have a leak in the Delta tub/shower fixture. Can get the stem

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Have a leak in the Delta tub/shower fixture. Can get the stem out because the 2 inch screw on circular nut/bushing is either corroded on and won't loosen or was put on with plumbers cement. Any suggestions as to how to loosen it so it will unscrew? Thanks.
are you talking about the nut behind the handle?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It's the brass nut that holds the stem assembly in place. It won't budge and I'm afraid to put too much pressure on trying to loosen it. It's about 2 inches in diameter. I've tried to unscrew it with pair of channel locks.
you can try a strap wrench, but honestly, the only way you are going to get it off is with a pair of channel lock, to reduce scaring of the nut you could try placing a rag over the nut and then grab it with the channel locks, any slippage will result in scaring of the nut. But its old and stuck on there and sometimes is the only choice. There is no plumbers cement on the nut its just stuck. Make sure you have the water off and go to your local auto store like advance auto, auto zone, pep boys, orielly's etc.. and buy a can of penetrating spray called (PB Blaster) spray the nut and housing good and let it soak and hour at least, and try with pliers, the longer you let it soak the easier it will be to break free, and turn the nut off counter clock wise as your in the tub looking at it. This stuff is amazing and will break the corroded nut loose
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