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i am trying to take frost out of the ground so i can exavate

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i am trying to take frost out of the ground so i can exavate and pour concrete , their are machines i know that do this but they are in the 20,000 and up . My question is can i take a electric water heater and but a pump on it and hook the rubber hoses about 200 ft and run clycol through it and cover the hoses with insulated tarps to take the frost out of the ground ?
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Maybe with a gas water heater. Electric water heaters recover way to slow to put out the BTU's you'll need to do what you want and with a propane heater you won't need a generator. The bigger the heater the better.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i know im looking at at least 12 hours of running it , and you do not think that electric still would not work , i guess there are gas water heaters as well as propane water heaters of course .


Propane will be less costly to run than electric and put out much more hot water. Electric heaters are very slow at heating water compared to gas. Gas water heaters are typically Natural gas but propane heaters are also readily available. Like I said before the bigger the heater the better and the higher the recovery rate the better
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