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my house smells like rotten eggs when you walk in the front

Resolved Question:

my house smells like rotten eggs when you walk in the front door. It does not smell anywhere else in the house. What can I do to find the source of the smell,.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 7 years ago.

Is there any floor drains by the front door ? Have you gone in the attic above that door way to see is a vent pipe for the plumbing system is broken causing this smell? Also check under that door way in the basement or crawl space, their might be a broken pipe giving off sewer gas. The other thing is that maybe a mouse or bird or something like that has died in the attic or under the front stoup giving off a bad smell.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there are not any floor drains by my front door. The attic is on the other side of the house. We do not have a basement..we did go up in the attic and it does not smell. I don't have a door stoop. It came on very suddenly. The house is built on a stem wall and it maybe be under the house. If it was a dry long would it take for the smell to go away?
Expert:  Plumbing Pro replied 7 years ago.
If its a dry drain the smell wont go away until water is poured down it. Their might be a broken vent pipe in the wall in that area of the house , might be small it might come and go and not always be present but other times very pronounced. If you don't have a attic then do you have a over hang or empty space above your door like a sofet?
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