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N.Y.City Plumber
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Replacing bathtub handles, damaged seat under the stem, help!

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I am trying to replace a faucet but I used a seat wrench to remove the seat and it stripped all of the seats. How can I get this out?

Hi Customer. I am assuming since you stated that you are replacing the faucet and not repairing it, you mean the nuts that attach to the faucet under the countertop?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No. Sorry. I meant I was replacing bathtub handles and stems. When I tried to remove the seats under the stem the seat wrench stripped out the grooves. Things are pretty corroded in there. Anyway I can't get the seats out now.

Customer, I have faced this problem many times in my Plumbing Business. What we do when this happens is we use an "Easy-out" bit such as you would use to remove broken bolts on automobiles after you drill a hole in them.

Easy-out bits are made in different sizes and tool steel. This makes them capable of being lightly tapped with a hammer so it will "bite into" the brass seat while at the same time, you have a crescent wrench on the head of the Easy-out trying to turn it.

So what you need is an Easy-out kit, crescent wrench, small hammer, patience and a helper. Push the Easy-out into the seat hole, have someone hold it while you put the crescent wrench on it, tap the head of the tool with your hammer and turn it at the same time. Keep trying this...tap it with a hammer and turn at the same time.

If this does not work, the only other way to correct this problem, in my experience, is to replace the shower body with a new unit. Obviously, this is a last resort.

I hope this helps, since this is what works for us.

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