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I have a tub faucet leak. We have replaced the stem several

Customer Question

I have a tub faucet leak. We have replaced the stem several times and turned off the hot water at the water heater and it is still leaking. where is the problem?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumber Matthew replied 8 years ago.
Hello and thank you for your question,

In order to better answer your question I need a little more information.

Do you know the make and model of your tub faucet? Does it have one handle or two?

I look forward to your reply. Thanks!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



we rent and it is a very old house and the tub has two handles one hot one cold and the the shower diverter thing.

Expert:  Plumber Matthew replied 8 years ago.
Are you sure the leak is on the hot water side? Have you replaced the stems on both sides? What replacement parts did you use? Thanks!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes.. we replaced all the stems on both sides and it is only the hot water. we had a new hot water heater put in and when it is turned off at the water heater for water coming into the house it still leaks and when I turn on the other hot water faucets in the house hot water still has a small steady stream. the stems are Price Pfister compression stems hot/cold.
Expert:  Plumber Matthew replied 8 years ago.
Okay, just to clarify. With the hot water turned off you still have hot water at all your faucets but one tub faucet drips all the time with the handle off. Is that correct?
Plumber Matthew and other Plumbing Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes. the hot water faucet in the tub leaks constantly and the other faucets don't. when I turned off the hot water at the hot water heater I felt it was wet at the knob. we just finished replacing the stem a couple of hours ago. still it is leaking. from the spout. the bathroom faucet is the first thing it goes to. all the other faucets are down the line a bit.
Expert:  Plumber Matthew replied 8 years ago.
It sounds like you have two different problems.

I think the shut off valve at your water heater is not shutting off completely. Probably not a big concern since you won't have it off much when everything is working properly, but still something that will require some attention especially if it is leaking.

Secondly, if you have replaced the stem over and over without luck then you should probably see about replacing the faucet seat. The faucet seat is what the stem closes against in order to shut off your water. You can purchase the faucet seats at the same place you bought the stems. They come with detailed instructions. You may also need a faucet seat removal tool.

If you need any more information regarding this topic please let me know. Thanks!