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My husband has a three person business and recently took over an office with an Avaya phon

Customer Question

my husband has a three person business and recently took over an office with an Avaya phone system. He can't figure out how to change the auto attendant message that is given when nobody picks up the phone. it appears the phone is a Partner 18 system with several regular phones as opposed to having a receptionist console. He thinks extension 10, which is used by his secretary, is the one with the message on it. I went on line and downloaded a bunch of manuals, but can't find precisely what we need and none of the programming instructions see to apply. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Phone Systems
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
I am Pete, and I'll be happy to assist with your question today.
You're going to need to know which auto attendant system is being used with the Partner 18 system. When you log into voicemail, you should hear "Welcome to........." Partner Mail, Partner Mail VS, Partner Messaging, Partner Voice Messaging, or something totally different if it is not an Avaya voicemail system.
Many systems have multiple auto attendants, the lines may be assigned to a different auto attendant from the one for which you are changing the message.
Partner systems also let you assign a specific mailbox to answer a line instead of an auto attendant, so that could be a further possibility.
Also try checking the settings in #208 for each line, to see if an extension is assigned to cover them. Programming from Ext. 10:
Feature 00
Left Intercom twice
#208-(2-digit line number) will show you if there is a Call Cover Extension on that line.