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Greg A.
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I have a new panasonic dect 6.0 plus answering machine and

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I have a new panasonic dect 6.0 plus answering machine and set of 4 phones. The answering machine keeps saying memory full but there are no messages on it. Also when trying to leave a messages after a few seconds it beeps. any message left is cut very short even though it is set to record 3 minutes
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

May I ask the Model Number of the phone system you are working with?
That model number should have a format of KX-TGxxxx - where xxxx is a 4-digit number.

May I also ask exactly "how new" this system is, and when this issue first began?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There are 2 model numbers on my phone


On the larger label - KX-TG6641


On the smaller label with the S/N - KX-TG6643B


Phone is a couple of months old and this problem showed up very quickly.

Hi again and thanks for that information.

First a little explanation about the number you found.
The KX-TG6641 is the "base" model (meaning with only 1 handset) and
the KX-TG6643 is the "system" model (meaning that there should be 3 handsets).

As for the issue of not being able to record long messages, that has me a bit concerned, because you mentioned that you "deleted" all of the messages you have (had) on the system AND have the message length set to 3 minutes.

So what I am wondering is if you MAY have some "other" answering or message system connected to this phone line. This could be another physical device in your home - connected at a different phone jack - OR perhaps a "voice mail" system from your service provider. Either of these systems could be taking your calls.

To find out what is happening, may I ask if you can do a little TEST for me? That TEST would be to turn OFF your current answering system (in the Panasonic base unit) and then place a TEST CALL to your home - to see if some "other system" answers the call.

Would it be possible to do that TEST?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

YES, we do have another old phone system in a bedroom. I will test the old system.

Hi again,

OK - What we are trying to find out is of that OLD system is taking the calls. If so, that could indeed be the cause of this issue.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

I await your results.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You were right- the other system was actually ON and taking calls and the system was full. It didn't have a greeting so the new system greeting was being played. I turned the old system OFF and replugged in the new system. Then I called our number from my cell phone and it took my call recorded my message and there was no announcement from the old system. I think the problem is solved!

Hi again and thanks for that information.


Please let me know if you have more questions - either now or in the future. I'm here almost every day.

Take Care, Greg A.
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