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Greg A., Engineer
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I have Panasonic Telephone Model KX-TG7641 series. I am trying

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I have Panasonic Telephone Model KX-TG7641 series. I am trying to erase call block numbers. I have read in my handbook Page 48, which states when editing press dial Key to add CLEAR. I am doing something wrong I cannot get Clear. Plus after the name of the caller there is the symbol, the call is disconnected. I do want to unblock - really need your help!!

protek480 :

Press #217 then select the number to erase. (scroll down to 'ERASE' ) THEN ARROW UP TO SAY 'YES'

protek480 :

Then press 'select'..then off.

protek480 :

Make sure you scroll to 'ERASE' after you get to the #217 menu


It did not work - still on my phone with the blocked signs. Please try again.


I have tried three timess - number still canceled. OH got a message on my phone, it said "this type of service is NOT on this phone. Please either fix or cancel my $30.00. I got off the phone before your screen kept asking for the password. I do not have a password XXXXX then I checked the appropriate block but it came back and kept saying "Password".


I see that your expert has opened your question for other input.

Please try the following steps EXACTLY, to see if you can take the desired number off the blocked list. Please note: The main difference I see in what you mentioned and the actual procedure is pressing the ERASE soft key instead of the CLEAR soft key. The CLEAR is used during "editing" of a number, but the ERASE is used to actually delete the entire entry.

Also, you will want to CHECK the list AFTER you have attempted to delete the entry - to verify that the process was successful. If the number is XXXXX then it should have worked properly.

Removing numbers from the blocked list:
To receive these calls again, you need to remove those entries from the block list. To access this list, press [MENU] # XXXXX 1 7 and press [▲] or [▼] (UP and DOWN arrows) to scroll through the list. Once you find an entry to delete, press [ERASE], then press [Yes] to confirm. There should be some kind of confirmation tone.

Then make you press the OFF key so that you exit the programming system.

Again, you will want to go back into the menu system, and the blocked caller list to verify that the number that is (was) blocked has been removed. Then, if possible, have that caller try again to verify that they can call through successfully.

Please let me know your results or if you have more questions.


Greg A., Engineer
Category: Phone Systems
Satisfied Customers: 8502
Experience: Working with Electronics for 25+ years.
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