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Dr. C. Rollins
Dr. C. Rollins, Pharm. D.
Category: Pharmacy
Satisfied Customers: 665
Experience:  Knowledge in hormone replacement therapy, pediatrics, compounding, long term care, retail, hospice, etc.
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Bad cavity think root exposedpain fluctuates from none or

Customer Question

Bad cavity think root exposedpain fluctuates from none or minimal to pretty bad for half hr to few hours mostly at night and morn.
can i use ambesol if have used orajel 12hrs ago?
Can i take more than 2 200mg ibupropbens atonce or rotate tylenol and motrin?
Should i place a temp filling over it?
I also have an old script of clyndamycin should i take it until can get to a dentist?
Submitted: 26 days ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Dr. C. Rollins replied 26 days ago.

Yes you can use ambesol now and alternate tylenol and Ibu every 4 hours and take 2 200mg ibu. You can cap the tooth. I would not suggest taking the Clyndamycin with out an exam. Hopefully this fully answers your question. Once satisfied please rate my answer. Thanks.

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
Ok thanks do you recommend i cap it just brush well and throw that on there? Should that help with the pain? I am currently a truck driver and may not be able to get to a dentist for a few weeks.
Expert:  Dr. C. Rollins replied 26 days ago.

that would be fine

Expert:  Dr. C. Rollins replied 22 days ago.

I see you've had time to review my answer. At your convenience please rate my answer. Thanks.

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