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If someone smoked a few hits of meth and had to take a drug

Resolved Question:

If someone smoked a few hits of meth and had to take a drug test how long does it take to get out of your system?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  Drugdad replied 5 years ago.

Drugdad :

Hi, let me help you with this

Drugdad :

what is kind of test are you getting?

Customer: new job in office
Drugdad :

Urine, blood, hair or nails?

Customer: Urine
Customer: sheUrine she took the hits over two day period
Drugdad :

safe bet is 2 to 3 weeks for the metabolites and it derivatives to be gone from your system because of the long half-life 15.9 hours

Customer: Is there anything she can take to clear it out
Drugdad :

drinking lot of water, just a note: Alkaline urine will significantly increase and acidic urine will significantly decrease the half-life of meth.

Customer: is there a detox drink
Drugdad :

Not really

Customer: Does frolic acid work
Customer: folic
Drugdad :

it is metabolized by the liver so none of that is going to work?

Drugdad :

Just drink lots of water to facilitate the removal of the drugs that's it

Drugdad :

Do you have any other question?

Customer: Even a few hit will stay that long
Customer: Is there a difference in smoking and snorting
Drugdad :

Could, if you have history of prior use

Customer: No none first time
Drugdad :

You said, you also had 10 hits yesterday right?

Customer: No she had maybe three hits yesterday and three hits the day before
Drugdad :

This does not change much, best thing is to wait it out. Snorting and smoking are similar but different

Drugdad :

snorting you are actually putting the drug in your body. This is more likely to show in your urine than smoking.

Customer: Thank you she only smoked it but thanks for your help
Drugdad :

you are welcome, don't forget to click accept

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