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Dr. Lary
Dr. Lary, Pharmacist
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My friend has convinced me that taking the Xyng diet pill will

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My friend has convinced me that taking the Xyng diet pill will work for weight loss. She was told by a pharmacist in our area that they are safe to take. I am not so sure if I trust that they are safe as some of the ingredients seem questionable. My question is...are these pills safe to take? I have listed the ingredients below. Thank you!

Vitamin B6 (8mg) ,Calcium (40mg), Magnesium (20mg), Chromium (240mcg)

Jet black cocoa seed extract, barley grass, kelp, geranium flower extract (1,3 dimethylpentylamine), trace mineral complex, phenylethylamine hcl (642mg)

Caffeine (180mg), Vanadium (20mcg)

Metabolizing blend: concentrated vegetarian amylase, protease & lipase (5mg)

Dr. Lary :

Hi, Thanks for the question. I would say no! B6, calcium, magnesium, chromium, amylase, protease, and lipase are considered safe and have been well studied. The rest have not been thoroughly enough studied in my opinion. Things like caffeine and jet black cocoa seed extract can speed up the heart rate, and not exactly the safest way for weight loss, or even the most effective in the long run. If you are looking for an OTC option to help with weight loss, try Alli. First, it's FDA approved. Double the strength of Alli is actually prescription Xenical. It works by "grabbing" fat in a sense and preventing it from being absorbed into the body. However, I would caution there should be a low fat diet in place to prevent loose bowels. As much as people hate to hear it, it boils down to a balance diet, portion control, and exercise. Quick fixes aren't healthy and usually cause you to gain all the weight back, and in many cases more! Hope this helps :)

Customer: Thank you so much for your help. I was wondering if you would be able to explain what phenylethylamine hcl is & what it does to the brain. I've read that it can affect your mood. Could taking any amount of it be dangerous? Thank you again!
Dr. Lary :

There's not too much known about phenylethylamine but here's what's out there :) It works in the brain like a neurotransmitter and would have a similar effect to amphetamine stimulants (e.g, adderall) or commonly referred to as an "upper" or a "speed." So it can make your heart race, make your brain overactive (hyper), can cause irritability, especially after any withdrawal. As far as an amount, I couldn't find any proper studies, and it's not FDA approved. Many people don't realize that supplements are not FDA approved, and not required to extensively be proven safe/effective. Also, the amounts in each is not always standardized and as heavily regulated. So, something that says 100mg could really have 150mg. Too risky, if you ask me when it comes to your health :)

Customer: Thank you again!! I really appreciate all your help. I have just one more question. I have recently read that the geranium flower was banned by the anti doping agency & that several professional athletes have been suspended for testing positive for it. What exactly is it, what does it do to the body? And finally if its been banned then how can this company use it as an ingredient? Thanks again!
Dr. Lary :

Hi, WADA just controls what they will and won't allow athletes to consume it during competition. They have 3 lists: 1. drugs banned at any time 2. drugs banned in competition 3. drugs in certain sports. List here:

It's not in my medical reference or my 300 page herbals book. Therefore, it hasn't been studied well enough. I would definitely shy away. It is listed in a stimulant, which would have a similar effect to the pheylethylamine.

Dr. Lary :

Thanks :) If you are satisfied with your answers please select "accept answer." I appreciate your business, and if you would like to ask another question, I would further appreciate your business :)

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