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1) Can you take tylenol along with aspirin about 1-2 hours

Resolved Question:

1) Can you take tylenol along with aspirin? about 1-2 hours apart.

2) Can you take aspirin along with Advil - about 1-2 hours apart?

3) Finally - trilipix is raising my creatinine levels, proved by blood work, is there a cholesterol med that does not hurt the kidneys. I have one kidney.

Thank you.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Pharmacy
Expert:  PharmDoc8283 replied 6 years ago.

PharmDoc8283 :

Hello and thanks very much for your question!

PharmDoc8283 :

I see you are looking to get some pain releif with over-the-counter products, you have (I'm inferring "slightly") elevated creatinine levels, and you take Trilipix.

PharmDoc8283 :

Tylenol and Aspirin would likely be the best combination for you

PharmDoc8283 :

Do not mix Aspirin with Advil or Motrin as these are in the same family and can synergistically harm kidney function and damage your stomach lining (badly)

PharmDoc8283 :

Let your doctor know that you are taking these and why if you plan to do this for an extended period of time

PharmDoc8283 :

Thanks very much for your question! Please feel free to ask me to clarify my information.

Expert:  PharmDoc8283 replied 6 years ago.
When switching to q+a mode I noticed your last question. Trilipix shouldn't affect your creatinine levels. Renal involvement in the listed side effects is a result of an interaction (rare with this drug) when using a statin drug in combination. If you had renal involement due to this, you would be in very bad shape. Your creatinine level is more likely due to you having one kidney. Your doctor will tell you what their goal for your creatinine levels are. I hope this helps! Thanks very much for your question! Feel free to ask me to clarify any of my information if needed.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I still need to know if there is any cholesterol medication that does not effect kidney function over time.

Thank you,
Expert:  PharmDoc8283 replied 6 years ago.
Trilipix does not effect kidney function by itself. I would usually recommend that or prescription strength niacin supplements for a replacement.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My urologist said that it does affect the kidney and I wrote you to verify. Trilipix can damage muscles which in turn would damage kidneys... is that correct? Are you a pharmacist or assistant? Thank you again.