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Billy, Trainer/Master tech.
Category: Peugeot
Satisfied Customers: 3498
Experience:  Trainer 8+ years, Master tech. 10+ years, SAE member
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Peugeot: remove front..front passenger door panel

Customer Question

how to remove front passenger door panel from peugeot 407 door will not open from the inside
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Billy replied 6 years ago.

Billy :


Billy :

I'm Billy and will try to assist you with this.

Billy :

I have the instructions, only somehow the pictures are missing:

Billy :
2. Removal

Lower the glass fully .

Figure : c4ck398d

Unclip : Door sill lamp (2) .

Remove :

  • The door sill light (2) and its electrical connection

  • The securing bolt (3)

  • The switch block bolt (4) (5)

Detach : The switch block (5) .

Remove : The switch unit (5) and its electrical connections .

Figure : c4ck399d

Using a spatula [2], engaged at point (A), unclip the interior opening control trim (1) .

Detach the part (B) frontwards to remove the finisher (1) .

Unclip the door trim panel (6), without using excessive force to avoid breaking the clips, using the tool [1] .

Remove the door trim pad (6) .

3. Refitting

Proceed in the reverse order to removal .

Check the electrical operation .

Billy :

Check them out, hopefully they are helpful enough.......

Billy :

Happy holidays!

Billy :


Billy :