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I need someone who really knows about koi. The ammonia and

Customer Question

I need someone who really knows about koi. The ammonia and ph etc are not the problem. It appears we got an unquarantined koi that subsequently pineconed, developed an ulder and died. We lost 2 other koi before that one. The pond has had water changes and several treatments with nitrofuricin green. Koi are lethargic and not eating, and some are sitting on the bottom. but the water temperature is only 65. It also turns out the the nitrofuricin green has a tranquilizer in it. Salt has also been added. Not sure what to do now -- complete pond cleanout, add heat, treat with potassium permanganage or something else. Afraid of further stressing the fish.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  Anna replied 1 year ago.
Hello, I responded to you earlier asking for additional information. It appears you have been treating without having a diagnosis. Potassium permanganate treats parasites. Nitrofuracin green is a general antibiotic that treats mild bacterial infections. Salt is always good for stressed fish, so that was a good choice. A water temperatures of 65*F is not cold to koi. They do best with temperatures between 65*F and 75*F. They should not be inactive because of the temperatures.All that being said, some additional information will still be useful. The symptoms you've described are general and occur with just about every illness and every water quality problem. We need to narrow it down. When the first two fish died, what symptoms did they have - sores, gill inflammation, red streaks, swelling, gasping at the surface, staying near the waterfall, etc.? The more detail the better. What is the name of the tranquilizer that was in the nitrofuracin green? As for finding someone who really knows about koi, the first thing a knowledgeable person is going to ask is about water tests. Poor water quality kills more koi than all the diseases and parasites put together. Do you know the actual numbers for ammonia and nitrites? When was it last tested? Thank you. Anna