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Experience:  Vet Tech for 35+yrs. Small Animals and Fish
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Hi i hadnt noticed my hamsters water bottle was out of water

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Hi i hadn't noticed my hamsters water bottle was out of water i had filled it up the day before but forgot to fill it up again this morning. When i got back from school i saw there was no water so i had to give them water immediately both my hamster where fighting for it so i put water in a bowl and then gave the other water from the bottle. One of my hamsters is skinnier and im worried something could happen to him. I gave them some high water content vegetables so that they would also eat it and i gave them both some mapple syrup. How can i know if they will be ok?


Anna has retired for the evening. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a Vet Tech for 30+ years. I have special interest in pocket Pets and would love to assist you. Please let me know if you would like to wait for Anna or continue with me. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I need information please, i want to make sure my hamsters will be ok so yes I wouln't mind if you were to assist me.



Thank-you! I need to ask some questions to have a better idea on how to assist you.

Can you tell me are the Hamsters Syrian or Dwarf Hamsters?

What is the normal diet?

Have you noticed Cherry drinking more water than usual?

DoesCherry urinate more than usual?

Is he passing normal stool?

What type of bedding do you use?

How long ago did you notice the weight loss?

Is he a year old?

Is he having any problems chewing?

Please give me a few mins to read your info and type an answer(I type slow)


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my hamsters are dwarf hamsters, they usually have the regular hamster mix, and i give them veggie treats like carrots or celery. After i came from school i immediately filled they water and they were fighting for them so i had to fill an extra water bowl so that one could drink from it while the other drank from the bottle. After that i gave them carrots, leafy greens and green pepper, after that I gave both a little maple syrup like the it was stated in an answer i read but that was like 30 minutes ago, since then only cherry has been drinking water frequently, berry is also but not as much as cherry. Right now they seem to be resting. I did notive that cherry is a little skinnier and berry also but not much. For the bedding i use a brand called carefresh. And no they don't have any problems chewing, after they stop drinking water berry started munching on food and cherry started eating the carrots (i gave them small pieces of carrots).


Dwarf hamsters should not have carrots, apples or bananas, because they are all high in sugar. If you look through the food list link to the bottom of the page, it gives you all the fresh foods that would be good for Berry and Cherry: , it is in the Section that says Heathy Diet=Healthy Hamster.

My concern since Berry and Cherry are Dwarf Hamsters is they are predisposed to Diabetes. This is something that runs in Dwarf Hamsters: This is a link that goes over Diabetes in Dwarf Hamsters:

The weight loss and the thirst can be signs that they could be a diabetic. At this point I would have Cherry into the Vet and have him checked out for Diabetes. Make sure they have plenty of water since a diabetic hamster can dehydrate easily. We generally do not treat hamsters with medication, but we do with dietary changes. We make sure they get the proper fresh veggies as well as a good quality pellet food like Oxbow Hamster fiood and give foods like Broccoli a little oatmeal in the morning to help manage the diet. I am going to give you a couple of links for Vets that treat pocket pets and Exotics: or these Vets. Please type the word member in each blank:

Please let me know if you need clarification or need further help. My goal is to give you 100% Excllent Service and I will continue to work for that rating. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have taken them to the vet and they gave me strips to check if they had diabetes and they both came out negative


I would continue check sugar on a regular basis and watch the diet. As I said medication is not usually needed to control it, just a good diet. The excessive drinking could be a warning sign, so I would make sure that they get the broccoli which helps with contolling the sugar, a little oatmeal in the am and make sure there is plenty of water. Keep a check on them with the strips. You should be able to keep them doing well with the proper diet and enough water so they do not fight again. A great little treat is a small piece of Hard boiled egg instead of the carrot. It sounds like you are on top of things and doing a great job. Do you have anything else I need to clarify or questions I can answer? Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX wanted to make sure they will be ok, i will definitely keep in mind the broccoli and no more carrots. But will they be ok? since they didn't have wate, i don't know for how long but im thinking atleast 6hrs



You did what needed to be done immediately. I would keep some Plain Pedialyte in the house for emergencies. If they were drinking and have urinated since you got home, and eaten the foods you offered, they should be fine. I would just keep a close eye to make sure they are both urinating normally and they always have plenty of fluids available. You may want to add extra water bottles, so they always have fluids available. If you have Pedialyte in the house, you can even offer them some tonight via eye dropper. They key is as long as they are urinating we know they are not dehydrated. Joan

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I'm just following up on our conversation about Cherry. How is everything going?


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