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Joan, Vet Technician
Category: Pet
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Experience:  Vet Tech for 35+yrs. Small Animals and Fish
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Hello, I have another strange question. I have noticed that

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I have another strange question. I have noticed that these Cavy (as opposed to the ones I had in the past) will not drink water off the ground. They will drain their bottle into a puddle on the hard plastic surface of the feeding area then stand in it trying to drink from the bottle and getting upset. My previous ones would drink wherever.

Good Morning,

Thank-you for requesting me. Like children, no two Cavys are a like with their behaviors. You may want to try keeping a weighted dish under the water bottle. This way if Goldie empties the water bottle it will drain into a weighted dish that cannot be knocked over and she can drink from the dish. You may also want to try a differnt brand of water bottle.This will give you an idea of various water bottles:

This has some ceramic water bowls that can be kept under the water bottle if it drains. They cannot be chewed and will not tip over easily. It is a trial and error situation to see which water bottle will be most effective. I have used various trypes of water bottles and found some do not work as well as other and leak leaving my bedding wet, which is not healthy, since it can cause fungus and mold. I know this sounds like it can be expensive, but making sure to have the best water bottle that Goldie will use can save you from health issues if the bedding gets wet and you cannot get right to changing it. Joan

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