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Our Rabbit has had GI statis. She will not eat any pellets

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Our Rabbit has had GI statis. She will not eat any pellets and only seems to eat bazil. Any advice?

GI stasis should be treated more aggressively when it goes on for several days, the poop is small and dry, and eating is decreased.

What antibiotic is she on? Antibiotics are not always needed and certain ones are better than others. If she is eating anything-basil is fine- give her whatever she will eat, if she normally eats hay, make she she has plenty. try parsley or other greens also. She needs to get fiber into her gut, if she will not voluntarily eat it you must force feed it. The best option is called Critical Care Diet for Herbivores and is made by Oxbow company It is only available to veterinarians. Another option is to take her regular pelleted feed- don't use anything with dried veggies in it, just pellets- and add water and crush it into a thin paste, then using a syringe or some similar device put small amounts in her mouth at a time and hopefully she will swallow.

If your vet does not have extensive experience with rabbits- look for one who does. Go the House Rabbit Network or House Rabbit Society on line, these sites will help you find a bunny doc near you.

Sometimes these rabbits are painful and need a medication for pain, If you hear teeth grinding that is a way rabbits act when they are in pain. It is also important for her to stay hydrated and sometimes that requires injecting fluids under the skin. Your veterinarian can do that and even show you how to do it.

You can post an update with details on current treatment and ask further questions.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The antibiotics are baytril 2.5 % oral solution.


Thank you for answering.

thanks for the information, how much of the antibiotic are you giving and howmuch does your bunny weigh?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
2.6ml twice a day, she weighs about 3.75kg and is a dwarf lop. She is still eating basil but her tummy is making noises.
according to my calculations of baytril dose = 10mg/kg twice daily for a 3.75kg rabbit at 2.5% or 25mg/ml would be 1.5 ml twice daily but perhaps I have a number wrong. If she is a dwarf lop does she really weigh about 7 pounds? that would be a mini lop. dwarf lops are usually about 4 pounds.

The primary treatment for GI stasis is getting fiber into the stomach. Start that as soon as possible.
Hi. I was just looking through my recent cases and was wondering what your status is? I hope things are okay with your bunny. I am interested in hearing an update if you would like to post one.

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