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Ed Johnson
Ed Johnson, Special Forces Medicine
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Experience:  Special Forces Med School (veterinary medicine, zoonotic, tropical diseases) (not a veterinarian)
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My Chinese dwarf hamster has a red raw patch on the back of

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My Chinese dwarf hamster has a red raw patch on the back of her neck with fur loss around the area which has grown in size within twenty fours hours. What should I do?

Dear Welsh,


Thank you for this question.


This sounds most closely like your hamster has mites. The mites cause red bumps that are very tiny and mke ilook like a red rash or redish skin. They create hair loss. This is a common affliction.


the mites would be gone if you use an anti mite spray. Disinfect the whole cage and apply some anti-mite spray on the hamster bedding and on the hamster. Do not apply the spray directly on the hamster but apply some on a small brush, comb the brush on the hamster and then use a small cloth or tissue paper to dry off the hamster.


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