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My dog is not drinking water. He is eating though. He is ...

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My dog is not drinking water. He is eating though. He is 2 years old. A Mastiff/Dane mix. I noticed today he seems to be losing hair in two small patches on his back. What diagnoses should I be thinking about. The vet is looking into it but is not sure yet. She''s done blood work and next will be X-rays. Thoughts?
Do you mix his dry food with a lot of water or soak it before feeding the dog?
Have you seen him try to drink but not be able to?
Is his bowl on the floor?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to NancyH's Post: yes, he gets water with his dry food. His water is off the floor in a high feeder with his food next to it. He has not really tried to drink except he had a little yesterday on his own. He does drink the water if I put cottage cheese in it but he is lethargic and won't really drink on his own.
It is possible he is getting enough moisture from the food.
You should know the latest findings on bloat indicate raised feeders are not good for the dogs. You can read about bloat here
The fur loss may indicate a thyroid issue or be due to seasonal alopecia and it may grow back in when he gets more sunshine as the seasons change.
He may not be drinking water due to discomfort in his mouth or throat or a problem in moving the tongue properly or because the water tastes off to him. You might want to thoroughly wash the bowl, rinse really well and refill.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to NancyH's Post: Thanks for that info but could you address why he would be lethargic along with these symptoms of not drinking on his own. What tests or questions or diagnoses should I be asking the vet to look into as he is lethargic, not drinking water on his own and now has these hair loss patches. Thank you.
If his breathing is loud you might ask about a larynx problem.
This might be due to fluid build up in his body from his heart or liver or kidneys not working quite right.
Blood work to check for anemia or platelet count problems might be considered.
If your vet has been unable to figure out what is wrong you may want to see a small animal internal medicine specialist and this site may help you find one
I usually search it on specialty and state.
This could well be due to thyroid issues which can cause hair loss and make a dog lethargic.
The lack of drinking can be because of getting enough fluids in his food.
There are just too many possibilities to rule anything in or out on the information you have currently. I'd see what your vet finds with testing.
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