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how do I get rid of iguanas in my back yard

Resolved Question:

I have so many iguanas in my back yard it is ridiculous. I already called critter control and they got rid of 8 of them and there are still plenty left? They defecate everywhere and they are scaring the kids in the area. What can I do to get rid of them for good?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Pet
Expert:  John Sanders replied 10 years ago.
Hi Arnold, The answer to your question will vary based on a few specifics.

Approximately where do you live? You don't have to give details, the nearest major city will do fine.

Do you know what kind of iguanas these are?

How big is your yard?

Thanks for a prompt reply, I will have your answer as soon as possible.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to SNT Reptiles's Post: I live in Hollywood Florida. These iguanas live under my deck and during the day they are on the deck and on the roof of my house. They come in all sizes from 10 inches long to the size of an alligator (I am not joking). I dont have much vegetation on my deck but I guess they find what to eat one way or the other. I never had this problem until about a year ago. They must reproduce quickly and in large amounts. I have tried calling the Home owners association as well as the humane society. Noone seems to care. I wouldnt mind so much except they make an awful disgusting mess that I need to clean up daily. I am sorry I do not know what kind of iguanas these are. I can try to take a picture next time and send it to you if you wish. They are very quick and run away everytime they see me. Let me know what you can do?
Thank you
Expert:  John Sanders replied 10 years ago.
Hello again Arnold.. After much research on this subject, I'm afraid it dosn't look very good.. Iguanas: 1 Florida: 0... We sympathise with you, as we have an Iguana we took in as a rescue who has since become our pet.. cleaning up after him isn't at the top of our list for fun things to do on a friday night.. I can suggest you remove the plants that they seem to be munching on, or spray them with GarlicGuard, but that still won't stop them from using your deck and roof as a basking area. Home owners are battling them any and every way they know how, yet no authorities are really stepping up to this major problem. There is new legislation in the works reguarding large snakes in Florida, and there are laws already in place about releasing animals into the wild, but the problem is already here. You can try calling your local Herpetology Association for removal, but once one Iguana is removed, another will take it's place. The closest Herp Society I could find is the Calusa Herpetological Society, but unfortunately it is 125 miles away. There is some valuable information on the site though, and you can email them to possibly get some more ideas, or they may even know of a Herp Society that is closer. I'm sorry for the bad news, but I hope at least some of this helped.. I wish you the best of luck!

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