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My horse (mare) has a huge belly but her ribs are showing.

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My horse (mare) has a huge belly but her ribs are showing. She just does not look right.I do not think she is PG. She does not act sick. What can I do to get some weight on her and not make her belly bigger?I need to do something before I have a major problem. Please help!! Thanks.......Judy
Hi, 2 questions, is she up to date with her worming and shots? Run your hand from her grith band all over her belly and feel for hard and soft places. Watch her ears and see how she reacts when you press in. Also, check her vagina for smells and any discharge. Get back to me when you have done this.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Marie's Post: Hi She doesnt seem to mind me touching her belly. She is on a regular worming every 2 months. Rotation of course. Double dose on May 25th of strongid P. She just had her yearly shots. I have 3 mares...she is mamma of the other 2. She has access to hay 24/7. My youngest mare also looks skinny but she is still growing (2yr old).What should I do....Feed her more protein?
They are not on grain currently.       Thanks!!    Judy
Hi! I'll give you my best feelings, with you being my eyes. If she is not pregnant, and you are sure. She has two issues that come to mind. Her diet has to be changed. She is getting a hay belly bloat. She is literally starved for protein. If you remember the kids in Africa starving...with the big bellys and skinny legs, arms and ribs, that is her. Why are they not on grain and sweetfeed? They growing ones need it more than ever and she does as well. Get them on a 2 X a day grain rations. Sweetfeed with Oats would be better. Meanwhile, see if she reduces the belly and bulks up in one month. If she does not, then back to me, and I will help you. If is also possible, that she could have ovary or uterine issues, but I don't want to go there is she is cycling and does not discharge or kick at her belly. A lot of people misunderstand a horses need for grains. People think horses in the wild only ate grass. That is so NOT true, they lived on wild wheat, corn fields,oats and barley grass and other harvested grains. In Texas, which grows the second most rice in the US, the wild horses would sneak out in the wet fields and eat the rice shoots. In Canada they eat wild rice where they can reach. Horses have to have protein to live just like all animals. I think you will see a big change in her in just a few weeks. If you have any other questions, please ask me and I will try to help.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Marie's Post: Thank You so much for your help....I will get them on grain immediately. Judy
Also remember, slowly! Just a small amount and work up to the full portion. No colic allowed. Take care. Nice working with you!