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I have gotten into a snag once again. My yellow belly slider

Customer Question

I have gotten into a snag once again. My yellow belly slider had stopped eating for several weeks but looks extremely healthy, is still growing noticeably, is very active and just started eating again. He climbs, swims, eats, walks, etc...
I fed him reptimin two weeks ago, green romaine lettace one week ago and additional reptimin two days ago. I have been so sparing with food because he is not defecating 'at all' and shows no signs of eating it either.
He pees regularly - that is not a problem
I have tried warm water soaks and placement in direct warm sunlight
Nothing seems to help - do you have any advice?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Anna replied 1 year ago.

Hello again, Robert. I'm sorry to hear you are having another problem with your turtle. The first thing to do is check your temperatures to make sure your heating equipment is functioning properly. It's easy for something to go wrong without us knowing it. The basking area should be 85*F to 90*F, and the water 78*F to 82*F, as we've discussed before. Next, wait three or four days since he last ate,mother try some different foods. Earthworms are especially tempting to most turtles, but you can also try cooked chicken, cooked beef heart, or high-quality canned dog or cat food. Just be sure to provide variety. It's easy to end up with a spoiled turtle who will only eat one food if you aren't careful. At age five, it would be fine to feed Yertle only twice a week. If you can get him to eat some kind of meaty food, that may be enough to produce a bowel movement. You can also see if he might eat a little piece of a prune. As always, if you have more questions let me know. I hope one of the suggestions above will work.