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I have a Rubber Boa that my finacee caught wild. We arent

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I have a Rubber Boa that my finacee caught wild. We aren't exactly sure how old she is and I haven't been able to get her to eat yet. however when I came home on sunday I found her curled up in her moss under her stump we have in her tank. I have kept the house at 70 degrees as i know they prefer room temperatures. She is usually active starting late afternoon, but as i said she hasn't moved from under her stump. Could she be hibernating as she was wild caught and just preparing for breeding?


A wild caught Rubber Boa can be slow to adapt on eating after being caught. It can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months. They are nocturnal, so when feeding it may be wise to put their prey in a nest like are in the enclosure, so it is close to natural as possible. Rubber Boas also like wild prey vs pinkies and Pet Shop raised mice. They are used to voles, or wild mice which have a different scent that pet shop raised mice. I would see if you may be able to find someone who sell spiney Egyption mice(pinkies) which may work better. You can try braining a couple pinkies(allowing the cerbral fluid to leak) and placing it in the tank in a clump of moss in the tank and leave it over night and see if the snake will take it. This may be rough getting this snake to eat. The temps in the 70's is prefect, but can go as high as 80*F. This link goes over some suggesting for care and feeding for your Rubber Boa:

The Hibernation time is usually late October and early November, so it may be a bit early for Hibernation. Please let me know if you need any Clarification or have further questions. Joan

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Just checking in to see if you have been able to get the snake eating. Hope all is going well.