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What can I use to stop lizards from coming into my house. They

Resolved Question:

What can I use to stop lizards from coming into my house. They are harmless but my wife is petrified of them.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Reptile
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


Are the lizard that are getting into the house the House Geckos?

Do you have a lot of shrubbery around the house?

Have you had any insect problems in the yard?

What State do you live in?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I live in a gated community in Boca Raton, southern Florida. There is a canal outside the house and a fair amount of shrubbery. I am told that lizards are more numerous near water. I don't know what kind of lizards House Geckos are, but I suspect our lizards might be as they are not the scaly kind -- just regular looking lizards. Given that, how best to keep them out? We have tried to caulk and seal various doors, windows and screen doors but I guess they can come in through the air conditioning vents. There must be lizard repellent substances.... or traps....or any other suggestions?
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


I too am in Fl, and very familiar with the lizards. They are House Geckos. They are hunting food and the shrubery is what serves as a feeding ground and shelter for them. You can try some sticky traps that are sold at Target, Home Depot or Lowes. There is no real way to keep these guys out as they are nocturnal and will get in as you suspect from any crack or crevice they can. On a side note, they cannot tolerate cold, so keeping the AC tuned down will help keep them inactive and may keep them out. Some companies make sonic repellers, but I really do not have a lot of faith in them. Living in Fl, for all my life, I have learned there is no sure fire way to keep these guys out. You can try some of the suggestions that I have mentioned, but there is no guarantees. Joan

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