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Dr. Amanda
Dr. Amanda, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Associate Veterinarian
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We have no pups

Customer Question

We have no pups
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Amanda replied 9 months ago.


My name is***** and I can help you this morning. What do you mean by "we have no pups?" Was Katie supposed to be delivering puppies today? Did you have dogs and they ran away?

Please, if you could, give me some more information about your situation so that I can help you this morning.

Dr. Amanda

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hey we have a vet on here we are working with Katie was in labor last night
Expert:  Dr. Amanda replied 9 months ago.

Okay. So she was pushing and no puppies were delivered?

The causes of this include-

-fetal-maternal mismatch (meaning the puppies are too big to fit through the canal)

-low calcium

-low blood sugar

-uterine inertia (uterus can't push hard enough)

Were you able to determine why she wasn't able to deliver the pups?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
She never pushed really
Expert:  Dr. Amanda replied 9 months ago.

That sounds like uterine inertia. The best treatment for that is to start with IV fluids to rehydrate them and increase blood pressure. After an hour or two of fluid therapy, you can try adding oxytocin (the hormone that helps the uterus contract.

The other option is to go straight to surgery and have a C-section performed.

Expert:  Dr. Amanda replied 9 months ago.

How is the birthing process going? Any puppies yet?

Expert:  Dr. Amanda replied 9 months ago.


How is Katie tonight? Did she end up needing a C-section or was she able to deliver the puppies naturally? Did any survive?

Dr. Amanda

Expert:  Dr. Amanda replied 8 months ago.

I'm just following up on our conversation about Katie. How is everything going?

Dr. Amanda

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