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My dog is a petite lab/pug mix and she just turned 1 year old on July

Customer Question

My dog is a petite lab/pug mix and she just turned 1 year old on July 12. She started vomiting on Wednesday night at 10pm. It was only once, but she appeared to be acting fine. She slept through the night, but would not eat her regular breakfast. She had vomited up some bile, so I decided to try and feed her some boiled chicken and rice. She will sometimes throw up when her stomach is empty. Within about 10 minutes, she threw all of her breakfast up and continued to vomit about 6 times. I took her to out regular vet and he did an xray to check for blockages and bloodwork. Nothing came back abnormal, except for her platelet count being low, which he said could be due to the platelets sticking together. She seemed to be doing a little better, and ate a little bit of chicken and rice around 7pm. Today she's been having nothing but liquid diarrhea and has she has started refusing all food. She is also drooling a lot and the drool is hanging down around her mouth.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Lisa replied 1 year ago.
Hi there. My name is ***** ***** I'm happy to help you with your question today.Is there any possibility she got into something unusual?Is she up to date on vaccines?Is she spayed?If not, when was her last heat cycle?Have they tested her for parasites?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
There could be a possibility that she may have gotten into something. We usually keep her confined to the kitchen area with gates when we aren't watching her; however, she did seem like she was chewing something that she got from underneath the couch on Wednesday and swallowed it before we could get her to drop it. I'm thinking it may have been a piece of food to eat it so quickly. She is up to date on all her vaccines and was spayed at 6 months. I don't believe they tested her for parasites, but she is on a monthly heartworm preventative. She acts like she wants to eat, but as soon as I put it in her dish, she isn't interested. She did take a couple of sips of water tonight, and ate a few pieces of crushed ice.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
When we take her outside, we are also with her as well. She is either on the leash or we are in the backyard with her. She does like to eat everything she sees, so we try to keep a close eye on her. The one thing that I thought could have been under the couch may have been a coin; however, our vet said that it would have showed up in the xray. The only thing he saw was that her stomach was empty with signs of gas in the stomach and intestines. It didn't look like anything was twisted or blocked.