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Joan, Vet Tech
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My male basenji has a grape sized growth just inside his anus.

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My male basenji has a grape sized growth just inside his anus. It does somewhat obstruct his ability to go to defecate. His feces pushes the growth outside. There is some blood. I have to wipe him & push the growth back into the canal. We have an appointment on Monday to have it removed. Is this a dangerous procedure & what do you think it might be?
Thanks, George


My name Is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a Vet tech fpr 30+ years and would love to assist you. The Expert you requested is not available.

I do need to ask some questions.

Is the area you are describing locate at the 4 or 8 O'clock position around the anal opening?

Is it open or just enlarged and purlpe or red?

What type of diet is Sagan on?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

about the 3 or 4 o'clock

enlarged & red, slightly purple

mixture o soft & hard dog food & sometimes fresh chicken or other scraps. Eats once a day & is not overweight

Hello George,

What you are describing is an enlarged, impacted or abscessed anal gland. Some dogs are predisposed to this type of problem. The anal glands are a scent gland located around the anal opening. They are normally expressed when stool is passed. If they are not emptied when the stool passes they can become clogged up and they will swell and become engorged. A Vet can express these glands they need to be Expressed from the inside of the anal opening and the outside. I believe Sagan has an impacted anal glad. You can help him right now by using warm compresses on the anal opening where the gland is swollen and then apply some Neosporin. This may help it open and drain, or it may just offer some relief until you have him into the Vet to have the glands drained. I would add a spoon full of canned Pumpkin,(not pie filling ) to his meals. This is a high fiber food that helps the stool pass and may offer him some relief with the glands filling up. This is a You Tube Video about Anal Glands that explains what you are seeing: Please let me know if you need further clarification and I will be happy to continue with you. I am here to help you and Sagan. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there another possibility? I have a 2nd basenji & she has presented as you have described. Sagan, however, has no pain or swelling to the side of his anus. Sagan's only presents itself when he defecates. If you press all around his anus, he shows no response. My other dog, when she had these abscesses she would lick & any pressure would cause discomfort. This discomfort lasted until it opened up & the puss oozed out. If you look at Sagan from behind there is no swelling, nothing that would indicate a problem.


The other issues could be a polyp or a little hernia. It would need a hands on exam to get a positive identification. The area is where we see anal gland issues and the descrption you have given is that of an anal gland issue. It may not be too bad as of yet. I would still try the warm compresses on the area and see if that helps take the swelling down. I think your Apppointment Monday is wise where they can actually have a visual and physical exam and at that point decide on what type of treatment is needed.


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Hi George,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Sagan. How is everything going?