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Dr Linda
Dr Linda, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I am a practicing veterinarian with over 20 years experience in a mixed animal practice.
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Have a 12 year old havanese that has been sick for 2 months.

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Have a 12 year old havanese that has been sick for 2 months. At first she refused to eat, when she did eat she vomited and had diarrhea. She has always been an active healthy dog requiring trips to the vet only for yearly wellness exams. She has lost all of her muscle mass and has a very bloated stomach and is losing her coat. Blood work was done on her Sept 26th (attached). The vets concern is her low protein level. As of Thur, Oct 31st it was 3.4, unchanged from two weeks earlier (Oct 17th). I was told this should be between 5-8. Her liver levels seem high. Because of the low protein level the vet even suggested she may have Protein losing enteropathy. The vet suggested nonfat cottage cheese and white rice. We tried this for about 4 days with no results. After doing a lot of reading on the internet and with the vet’s input, we put her Hills Prescription i/d low fat GI restore canned dog food. It was amazing! She loved it and the bloating went down. Thought she was on her way back to health. She ate it for about 9 days and is once again refusing to eat and her stomach is again bloated. I am very concerned that we are going to lose her if we can’t get this turned around quickly. They vet currently has her on predinisolone (5mg 2x daily), which she has taken for about 6 weeks. Furosemide was added this week (5 mg 2X day for 3-4 days then 5 mg daily). I am getting desperate. I do believe this is a dog treat issue.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

Munchiemeadows74337 :

Hi, I'm Dr. Linda. I'm sorry your Lexi Lex is sick. Can I ask a few questions? Is she spayed? Is she up to date on vaccinations and on heartworm preventative? And did your veterinarian do any x-rays of her abdoman


She is spayed. She is up-to date. No xrays have been taken.

Munchiemeadows74337 :

Hi, It's Dr. Linda. OK, so my next step would be to x-ray or ultrasound the abdomen to see if the liver is enlarged and if there are any other lesions associated with the liver. Your veterinarian prescribed the pred. for the possible Protein Losing Enteropathy, and it made her feel better and temporarily increased her appetite. He/she put Lexi on furosemide for the fluid in the abdomen known as ascites. There is some additional blood work that could be done to try and narrow the problem, so you might talk to your vet about that. Otherwise you might want to consult with an internal medicine specialist who would do the ultrasound. After 2 months you need an answer. As for the dog treat problem, most of those dogs became very sick hours to days after receiving the jerky treats and their symptoms were a little different from yours. Just the same, I advise all my clients to avoid any kind of jerky treat. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to let me know.


Thanks Dr. Linda. Lexi did become ill the day after she ate jerky treats. I will talk to my vet about an xray or ultrasound of the liver.

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