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Hi, I recently adopted a dog from the shelter. I think she

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Hi, I recently adopted a dog from the shelter. I think she is female and a mix of doxie,chiwawa and who knows what else. She is around 13 pounds. Age is between8-10. I wrote you about my other dog that is a cocker spaniel male and is almost blind because he has Glaucoma. I had gotten him beginning of the year from same shelter. He is 6 years old.The problem I am having is that the little girl shows alot of aggression toward my male dog and she gets really mean.What can I do???
Hi again!

That is frustrating. How long have you had this new female? Do they interact at all with out showing aggression?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have her about three weeks. They pass each other. They don't play together or any thing like that.Maybe some times they might sniff each other. She has so much energy and she is friendly to humans.She loves lovin. I think she likes to be the main one to get attention. Max is a layed back boy. He doesn't pest her at all. I just want them to get along. I don't want her to be mean to him. It brakes my heart to think about taking her back to the shelter. They said at the shelter she got along with all the dogs.But thats not being one on one at a home. But it seems when some one else gets attention it motivates her to get mean with that dog. She is great at being house broken.I hope you can help me with this situation I have never been in.

Are they physically getting into fights? Does it seem like it is mainly when the other is getting attention? Does it happen over food or toys?

If they are able to be around the other most of the time and not getting into fights, that is huge step in the right direction. It sounds like at this time there is a social structure being set up at home. Does she get a lot of exercise / walks at home?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They only fight when Max is getting attention or when they are waiting to go out together. Or if she is in first and Max comes in a couple min later. Then she gets aggresive to him but I stop her right away..She gets exercise when I take both out to potty.

Thanks for all that good information. The good news here is that this situation is one that I feel should be able to be fixed. These two for the most part are able to get along and not just go after each other. She doesn't sound that aggressive as more she just doesn't "share" well the time you have to give to them. I would get her a DAP collar to put on her. This is a special pheromone impregnated collar that releases calming pheromones that can help these situations. The other thing to do is to increase her activity. Specifically taking her for more walks as getting out her energy this way leaves less for these situational disagreements. I would walk her and him too, for a couple miles a day. Exercise is always beneficial in these situations. I would also work with her on sitting and staying and being calm. Make her sit before going out or getting attention from you. Reward her with a treat and affection when she does well sitting and waiting her turn for you to let them out or to pet her. I feel that with time too, she'll be more adapted to her new situation. For 3 weeks ion she isn't perfect but the situation could be a lot worse. I feel if you give her effort and time, she'll be the dog that you want.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Sorry for my delay. The DAP collars can be purchased on line from a lot of pet store sites. They are not expensive at all. They are not painful. They work by just continously emmiting the pheromone over a month at a time.
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I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?

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