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My 7 month old shortie XXXXX XXXXX terrier had her first heat

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My 7 month old shortie XXXXX XXXXX terrier had her first heat end about 3 weeks ago. She has had intermittent bouts of lethargy and decreased appetite. She also seem,s to like to eat odd things. We have a large backyard with wild flowers and domestic plants and she seems to love to eat the bamboo. I also found after she threw up 9 times in one night that she had ingested a fire starter square. I was going to take her to the vet but she seemed fine the next day. That's how its been, bouts of lethargy and decreased appetite and when I feel she should go to the vet she seems to recover. We did take her this morning she is there now, blood work shows marginally decreased RBC count, elevated WBC at 17k, temp 102.4, unremarkable xray. I am waiting for a ultrasound to check her uterus, bowels and other organs. I also fertilized with miracle grow pellets and fish fertilizer recently. Seems like I'm guessing at multiple possible causes without knowing which one is causing the problem. Any additional idea's?

Dr. J. :

Hi, I will be glad to try and help you with Miss Demi. First , I am very glad that you have her at the vet since her WBC is 17K. And I am very glad to hear she is receiving an ultrasound. Hopefully it is nothing to do with her uterus. If not, I can tell you I had a patient that sounded just like your Demi when he was young. He would have bouts of decreased appetite and lethargy and sometimes vomiting. It was because like Demi he was eating odd things, getting sick from that and then recovering. There was not anything causing him to do this other than he was just one of those puppies that got into everything. I suspect that is probably Demi's problem and I hope she has not gotten something stuck or caused some damage to her intestines. Of course, a uterine infection can also cause these signs but is not very common in a young dog.Please let me know if I can be of further help or assist you in any way. I want you to feel confident that Demi has an advocate in me. Let me know if you have further questions by responding to this and keep me posted on her progress. Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX


Thank you so much for your response. Demi is home with clindamycin and Metacam. The ultrasound showed a slightly enlarged liver but also a foreign object in her colon (not obstructing) and close to the rectum as well as signs of a slight ileus in the small intestinal area. She received some rehydration fluids and if she doesn't eat or seem more like herself tomorrow I am to call the vet. I am strategizing on what to do when I am at work, as she is fully potty trained and has full run of the house and the backyard through a doggie door. I work 12 hour days and am gone to many hours to crate her. Any suggestions?

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Have you thought about maybe just getting a dog walker just temporarily? Not sure if that would totally solve your problem, but at least that way you could crate her and the walker could come over middle of day and take her out. Many of my clients choose that type of option.

Also, thank you for the bonus. That was very kind. Please let me know if you ever need anymore help. Sincerely, DRJ
Hope Miss Demi is doing good! Let me know if you need further help. Best, DrJ