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DrEllie, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  As a licensed veterinarian, I have gained experience in all aspects of animal care and husbandry, not just medical issues.
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My Cavachon (1/2 Bishon Frise and 1/2 King Charles Cavilier)

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My Cavachon (1/2 Bishon Frise and 1/2 King Charles Cavilier) is almost 12 weeks old. He got his first round of shots and will get his second on 8/27/13. We just started him on heart worm pills and we also received a flea treatment to put on him. They recommend that your vet be open when you apply the first application for fear of reaction. My doctor did not recommend including a tick tx in it as she feels the chemicals are too harsh for a puppy. What kind of reactions should we look for that would be urgent enough to f/u with a vet and if he does ok with the first applications, can we be sure he will not have a reaction with the second? Thank you

DrEllie :

Hello, my name isXXXXX and I am a licensed veterinarian. It is my pleasure to help answer your questions but please bear in mind that the information I provide over the internet is not intended to take the place of a thorough physical examination performed by a veterinarian.

DrEllie :

Are you able to tell me the name of the products you have for the flea treatment?


The flea product Advantage 2 made Bayer

DrEllie :

Thank you for that information. Please give me just a few minutes to type out some information for you

DrEllie :

Advantage 2 is labeled for puppies 7 weeks and older. The most common side effects of the medication would be local sensitivity (like tingling skin). Although rare, any medication could cause decrease in activity or not wanting to eat.


Any possibility of seizures?

DrEllie :

I'm am looking through a few different pharmacy sources to find that particular chance of reaction. Please give me just a couple minutes

DrEllie :

I apologize, the label I have found for the Advantage II does not discuss the side effect numbers in the clinical studies. I will continue to look for you, however, if you are short on time and would like a faster answer, I can "opt out" of the question to allow another expert to weigh in with their knowledge.


No, it is ok, I am still doing my work. I would appreciate if you can continue your research. Thank you.

DrEllie and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you

I have switched formats due to my inability to get the "chat" to work, but please continue to post your questions to me until I have answered them all :-) Thank you for your patience Nicole. Essentially, the active ingredients of Advantage II are similar to Capstar and methoprene (one of the ingredients in Frontline Plus). In my professional opinion, I believe the risk of the Advantage II causing a seizure is very low. Obviously every dog reacts differently to different medications, however, the Advantage II would not have been approved for use if it commonly caused seizures.

If you are very concerned about side effects, it would reasonable to wait until tomorrow to apply the medication. That way, there are many veterinarian offices open and available if you do have any issues.

Hi Nicole,

I wanted to get back in touch with you and let you know that I got in touch with my Bayer representative today and he told me that the ingredients in Advantage II are very, very safe. To his knowledge, there have been no reports of seizures associated with its use. In addition, he said the only adverse reactions that he knows of are rare instances of hair loss at the site of application. I hope this helps to ease your mind and good luck with your puppy!

Dr. Ellie
DrEllie and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Nicole,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Nameless Dog (Alias Grumpy). How is everything going?


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