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I have a 14 year old, male Yorkshire Terrier. He has been

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I have a 14 year old, male Yorkshire Terrier. He has been having a seizure for the last hour. His limbs and whole body are seizing. He is very warm. He has copious amounts of foamy, thick, and stringy salivia running from his mouth. I am holding him upright and also across my thigh to ease breathing and drain his saliva. About five years ago he had an expensive hernia operation on his right rear. In September 2012 he was diagnosed with a right rear Medial Patellar Luxation. I cannot afford the surgery on his knee. He was able to use a cart up to about June. He can't use it anymore. Is it time?
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX it will be my pleasure to help you with your dog today.

A dog who has been having a seizure non-stop for the last hour is in serious danger.

The reason he's so warm is that seizures increase the dog's body temperature to the point where if the seizure isn't stopped, it will literally cause his brain to burn out.

You absolutely, positively have to get him to an emergency vet immediately.

If you're not sure where one is in your area you can go to and plug in your zip code. They'll show you where the closest one is.

You can not wait to have him seen or it is very likely that he will die. I wish I didn't have to be so blunt, but this is a very bad situation. His prognosis is not good with an hour long seizure.

I am so very sorry but he needs to be seen right away.
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