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Roger L. Welton, DVM
Roger L. Welton, DVM, Veterinarian
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My 50lb German Shorthair/Golden Retriever mix just ate my Womens

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My 50lb German Shorthair/Golden Retriever mix just ate my Women's One-A-Day multi vitamin, my Ultra CoQ10, and my 99mg Potassium Gluconate off the counter. What should I do?



If Cooper just ingested one tab of each of these supplements, then beyond a small possibility for GI upset, I would not expect any significant side effects. The Woman's One-Day does not have any toxic doses of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Fat soluble vitamins have the most concern when ingested by dogs, but a once time dosing should not lead to any problems. The water soluble vitamins present in the Woman's One-A-Day should not pose any threat.


Regarding the Ultra CoQ10, there are some veterinarians that dose this as an ancillary measure for dogs with heart disease - I am not one of those, so I would not advise continued dosing with the supplement, but this one time dose does not pose any threat as it is within the dosing range of a dog this size.


Lastly, the potassium gluconate at higher doses or sustained ongoing doses could pose a toxicity threat, but this one time dosing should be innocuous with regard to outright toxicity.


As previously stated, my only concern may be a little GI upset, but even that may not happen. Of course, one can never truly know how any given patient may react to any supplement, so I would advise vigilant monitoring for now. Given the small risk this poses, I would not recommend inducing vomiting at this point in time, however, if Cooper does vomit, it would likely be a good idea to get her to a vet ASAP. Outside of vomiting, if Cooper exhibits any significant lethargy or listlessness, it would be wise to have her seen.


Overall, I do not expect a significant problem, but one cannot be too sure. However, a "wait and see" approach at this time is justifiable.

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