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Dr. Whitehead
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my dog spit up a very small amount of what is foamy and pink

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my dog spit up a very small amount of what is foamy and pink tinged I'm thinking it is blood. He is a very small breed and chewed a raw hide earlier today. He was running around earlier, but didn't eat dinner and was chewing on grass outside. At what point is this an emergency visit? What should I look for?
Hello there! My name isXXXXX and I am sorry Biggie is not feeling well. It does sounds like he has a little blood in his vomit but the pink tinge is not as alarming as if it was coffee ground in color. The pink tells me that he has a little irritation in his esophagus probably from the action of vomiting. If it was dark in color like coffee ground then it would be a bleed in his stomach which is more concerning.

It sounds like the raw hide may have caused some gastritis so I would not offer any more food until morning. You can give some pepto at a dose of 1 teaspoon per 15 pounds every 8 hours and see if this settles his tummy down over night. Let him have water though if he wants some. Then in the morning offer a small amount of food to see if he wants to eat it. If not that is when I would have him looked at. I would have him looked at tonight if he continues to vomit and he doesn't stop. But if he settles down and keeps the pepto down i would just let him settle down over night and try again in the morning.

I hope that makes sense. I would keep him from eating grass or anything else right now. Just offer water and the dose of pepto tonight.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I think that is good for now. I'll try the pepto and I feel a little better. I'll get back if I think there are more questions. Only one for now...for an 11- 12 pound dog is that 3/4 tsp pepto?

Sounds good and yes that would be a perfect dose for him. I hope he feels better soon.