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Joan, Vet Tech
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my dog suddenly doesnt want to come inside the house. Even

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my dog suddenly doesn't want to come inside the house. Even for his meals. He joins me for walks and behaves perfectly normally and happily away from the house, in the car etc, but when we get near home he won't come in the house. He is 9 and has epileptic fits every month or so but has never behaved like this before. He is currently sitting on his own in a field about 100 yards away and has not been in for his supper.


What type of seizures does he normally have? Gran mal, Petite mal?

Has he ever had a problem with Focal Seizures?

Can he be picked up and brought inside the house? How doe he act?

Any drooling, panting, or exhibiting any signs of pain?

Does he take medication for Epilepsy on a regular basis?

Can you video his actions?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He has gran mal sporadically, maybe once a month, which last about 8 minutes. No medication. Beforehand he becomes distracted and behaves as if he has a headache. But he has never been reluctant to come in the house. Indeed he is more likely to stay in his bed. I can bring him in the house but he will go straight out again. The only exception is if my son (20) wants to play with him. Then he will stay in with him until the game is over when he hurries out again. Absolutetely no sign of pain, no drooling or panting. I can't video his actions. He is just out in the garden and I feel is watching us from there but just doesn't want to come in. It's dark now and he is still outside.


I suspect that Jakey may be having a Complex Partial Seizure /Psychomotor Seizure or Behaviorial Seizure. During this type of seizure they can be short term or in clusters and go through irrational behaviors like the fear of coming in the house, and other unexplained behaviors. This link goes over Psychomotor Seizures: or here:

Since he has a history of seizure activity this is a very good possibility. We see very strange behavior when a dog is going through this type of seizure. They loose all normal rational and the fear of the house he is exhibiting is definately having him examined by your Vet for Seizure activity. The Vet may have to do a neurological exam and an EEG to determine if this is what is indeed happening.

If you can video his actions it would be helpful to the Vet to see the behavior. If they determine that he is having this type of seizure they may decide to start Jakey on some medication to help control the activity. I would have him seen today if possible, if not I would get im inside the house and monitor the behavior. He may be setting up for a full blown Gran mal seizure. Please let me know if you have further questions and I will be happy to continue with you. The suspicion of a Psychomotor seizure is based on the fact he does have seizure activity during the month and the behavior he is exhibiting, but your Vet will be able to confirm my suspicions. These are ER Vets in the UK:

My goal is to give you 100% Excellent Service. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So you think his fits may be changing. Certainly this is quite different to anything that has ever happened before. My vet told me that there was no need to have any medication unless he was having fits more than once a week as it was better to avoid the side effects associated with medication. He seems to have no recollection of a fit after it has happened and usually behaves completely normally between fits.


Should we just wait and see if his behaviour returns to normal? When we are away from the house (on a walk for an hour or so, or taking/collecting people from the train station in the car, even when he is with me while I am gardening) his behaviour is still absolutely normal and he is his happy, contented self. It is literally ONLY when I call him into the house.



If it is the type of seizure I suspect it can be a precursor to the Gran Mal seizures he has had in the past. This type of seizure is a secondary seizure, and basically can affect the behavior. The can last longer than the Gran Mal seizures and affect behavior. I would monitor him and speak with your Vet about this being a possibility happening. He is not showing any signs of pain, nausea, or other issues, but the fearful irrational behavior is that type of the Behavior we see with a Complex Partial Seizure. I would monitor him the rest of the night as many times after the Complex Partial Seizure, he could go right into a Gran mal. You may not have noticed these seizures before because the can be very subltle. If the behavior does continue or he does have a Gran Mal, I would consult your Vet in the morning. For this evening I would get him in the house and just monitor him for any other clues or strange behavior. Joan

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I brought his bed upstairs into my bedroom (which is never normally allowed) and he slept like a log, very happily. He is fine this morning, though avoiding the kitchen. I think you are right but the problem is he is remembering a past fit which happened there in the kitchen and is wary of it happening again. This surprises me because my vet said he would have no memory of a past fit but he seemingly does. I will keep him very busy today and maybe he will forget!


I am glad he slept well last night and hopefully he will start doing better. I would keep an eye on him to watch for further issues. The Complex Focal seizures can be very subtle like a slight behavior change unlike a Gran Mal siezure, but can also be leading up to the major seizure. Please let me know how he progresses. Please do not for get to Rate my service before leaving the site. You can always return to this thread to continue on this issue. My goal is 100% Excellent Service. Joan