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How do you tell (without a vet) if a dog has a collapsed lung?

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How do you tell (without a vet) if a dog has a collapsed lung? And if they do - can they heal on their own?

I have a quasi stray Schipperke dog in my home office right now. He showed up playing with my dog outside about two weeks ago. Several nights a week, he sleeps on our back porch and waits for my dog to come out and play. No collar, but he's trained to sit, laydown etc..

this morning, he was outside again - but didn't jump up to play. Curious, I checked him out. He's favoring a front paw and has fur smudges on his chest that indicate a possible scuffle with a larger dog. This dog has been 100mph ever time I've seen him over the past two weeks - and this morning he's just laying on a blanket.

when he breaths, I can feel the his chest on one side caving in a lot more than the other side. he's not panting, not whimpering - but he has no energy.

I can't afford huge vet bills for a dog that isn't mine - but I have no idea where the little guy lives either. I'm going to post signs around the neighborhood. But I'm not sure how to tell if he needs emergency treatment.

Dr. G :

Hello, my name isXXXXX will try and help you as best as I can. There is no way to tell if a dog has a collapsed lung unless you have an x-ray of the chest. It sounds like he was likely attacked by another dog or it by a car. I think it would be best if he saw a vet right away. He definitely needs x-rays and treatment right now, especially with the fact that the chest is moving abnormally when breathing. I recommend taking him to the local ASPCA/humane society, or a vet school if you live close to one so they can begin treatment (since this will be expensive if it comes out of your pocket)

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