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I think my dog may have drank some bleach water. he has thrown

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I think my dog may have drank some bleach water. he has thrown up about 5 times this afternoon with the last time small spots of blood in it. He ate his dinner and has been drinking water and has not thrown up for the last 2 or three hours but is now just laying around. is he going to be ok?

RebeccaVet : Hi JACustomer,
RebeccaVet : Sorry to hear about your dog. Do you have any idea how much bleach he could have gotten?
RebeccaVet : 101.7 is a normal temp, and if he has now eaten and drunk and kept it down, he is probably over the worst of it.
RebeccaVet : I would keep a good eye on him, and continue to feed him small bland meals. If he continues to keep food down, he should be fine.
RebeccaVet : Can you see what I am typing?

well it was in the fountain so your normal drink from what I can tell. is drinking bleach water dangerous for dogs?


RebeccaVet : I do not see anything you have typed.
RebeccaVet : Drinking a lot of bleach can cause problems, but small amounts in water should not be a problem.

I asked if it was dangerous for him to drink. and also said it ws in the fountain


RebeccaVet : I know I can see that now.
RebeccaVet : If it I was just bleach in a fountain,there was probably not much bleach, mostly water.
RebeccaVet : So again,if his temp is normal and he now has eaten and kept food down, I think the worst is probably over.

well I got really worried when he vomited the spots of blood


RebeccaVet : If a dog vomits more than once, just the act of vomiting can irritate the stomach lining enough to cause some spots of blood.
RebeccaVet : Which usually heal quickly.

ok thanks that was what I was thinking either irrataion to his stomach or maybe even his throat.


RebeccaVet : Keep feeding small bland meals. The milk was a good idea.
RebeccaVet : Let me know if there is anything else I can ask.
RebeccaVet : I can ANSWER!
RebeccaVet : Sorry.

sorry about that but it wouldnt let me reply. what would you consider a bland diet? rice?

RebeccaVet : Yes, rice with some boiled meat or a little dog food is the classic bland diet.
RebeccaVet : Please continue to ask questions until you are satisfied.

ok thank you very much as I was so worried about him as he is my everything.. about how often should I give it to him.

RebeccaVet : I would fed a small bland meal every few hours. If he seems OK tomorrow, go back to normal feeding.
RebeccaVet : I totally get having a dog that is my everything.

ok thank you again I really appreciate it.

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Hi Brenda,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Charlie. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, had to take Charlie into the vet today because he had stopped eating, was having diarrhea and was still vomiting. Come to find out he has colitis and hyper motility and now with a bland diet, and injection for his pain and some meds he should be fine. He is already acting much better and it has just been a day. I was so worried that as the time went on and the symptoms got worse he was actually having a bowel obstruction. Thank god that wasn't what it was but sure had me scared. thank you for your help though.
You are welcome. So did they think the bleach water brought on the colitis, or was it unrelated? Glad he did not have an obstruction. Rebecca
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
They said that if there was enough bleach in the water that he could have smelled it , he probably wouldnt have drank it. They also said he may have had a smallblockage and it worked itself out or he may just have ate something that really didnt agree with him and that it was hard to determine and we may never know what actually caused it.
Well, whatever caused it, I am glad to hear he is doing better.